biznesThe first and only specialized „International Marketing and Sales school” in the Baltic States  is established for training the professionals in accordance with the most modern author`s methodology.

The school`s curriculum is based on the classical theory of marketing which was reworked by experts in compliance with the principle of using only working tools.

Development of professional level increases the cash income. The average salary of Director of Marketing in Latvia is 1000 €, in Russia – 4000 €, in Europe – 5000 €.


„The International School of Marketing and Sales” prepares the universal marketing and sales specialists who are ready to work independently in any kind of business. Consequently, they will be in demand in the labour market.


The professional marketing specialist manages modern economics! The more active the market economy develops, the more areas are subjected to him.


We will give you real knowledge and skills in the field of marketing and sales techniques that will help you to get an adequate salary!


Join the professionals!